You’re a freak because you’re a freak, not because you play Magic

(Kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung: Wenn Du Magic spielst und ein Freak bist, ist NICHT Magic daran schuld, sondern Du!)

Just a little advice for all Magic players and other people out there:

1. It is actually possible to date women, even though you play Magic.

2. It is even possible to date women BECAUSE you play Magic.

3. Women who won’t date you because you play Magic are usually not worth dating.

4. It is also possible to date women when you have long hair and a beard and like headbanging. Actually, some women PREFER to date long-haired headbangers.

5. Never, EVER star in any kind of pseudo reality show as a “freak” who needs the advice of some half-wit model to change his life. You’ll NEVER be able to live that down.

6. And, for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, under no cirumstances allow that show to connect any personal or social issues you might have to the fact that you play Magic!

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  1. rosario82 Says:

    and if you still do all of this, at least do that aquarium diving as that looks like great fun!

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