Green in Sealed

(Kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung: In Limited ist die Fähigkeit, gegnerische Kreaturen auszuschalten, essenziell für jede Strategie. Daher muss auch Grün diese Fähigkeit erhalten.)

The issue: Again and again, Green sucks in sealed environments. Hard.

The analysis: While draft is self-correcting, in sealed there is no factor balancing out a color’s deficits. Having an above average creature base doesn’t mitigate the inability to interact with an opponent’s strategy (namely, reliably deal with opposing creatures).

Bad solution #1: Increase the strength of Green’s creatures to the point where they dominate even against interactive strategies. (This is bad, because it leads to non-interactive play.)

Bad Solution #2: Weaken removal to the point where it can no longer be expected to deal with creatures reliably. (This is bad, because it leads to non-interactive play.)

Bad solution  #3: Leave things as they are, since sealed is a format targetted at inexperienced players, and these will play Green anyways, not noticing it’s bad. (If I have to explain to you why this is bad, you probably work in WotC’s marketing department.)

Mediocre solution: Add good colorless creature removal to each environment, so that players of Green can use it. (This is suboptimal, since it requires adding a substantial colorless component to each environment, and since it is actually cheating with regards to Green’s position in the color pie.)

Good solution: Recognize that being able to deal with opposing creatures is, due to the very nature of limited, an essential ability for every color. Re-interpret the color pie so that Green’s part of it no longer is associating with sucking balls in sealed, but instead with an in-flavor way to deal with creatures. (There were already some efforts of that kind made, but they didn’t get far enough.)

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