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  1. Funny, i had the exact same problem with reactivating my old beta account some years ago. It took them 3 weeks to get it done. Good to know, they did not even change their standard replies :)

  2. katjat Says:

    expert line: call customer support over skype (2 ct/min). i once changed my account password and was unable to log in again, so i called them and told them about my problem. they basically asked the same questions you listed above:

    – credit card: i tried several cards i used in the past years, all numbers were wrong
    – security question: didn’t know the answer
    – mail address: no clue
    – post address: some place in a 0% vat country, made up, so i only remember the city
    – number of cards in my account: no idea

    a few minutes later my account was unlocked…

    btw don’t buy tickets via paypal in the official store. it works probably less than 30% of the time. there are some traders that sell tickets over different payment systems. i think the current rate should be between 0,97 and 1,03$ when buying with paypal – major difference to the official store: it works.

    • Well, my experiences back in the day(s when I last played a lot) were unanimously good with PayPal. I never had the slightest issue, although I heard some other prople did, and my orders arrived after less than a minute each time. Maybe I was just too naive to entertain the idea that, after 5 more years of development, these very fundamentals of their business would actually work WORSE than before…

      BTW, the story unfolds further and further. In the meantime I was given a refund in form of a coupon which doesn’t work. Enter the next round of back and forth!

  3. There is an issue with umlauts in the adress which can cause (especially paypal based) orders to not be accepted properly. It may not be the problem in your case, but may be worth a try,

    • Well, I was told the issue might be the “ß” in my address. One would expect this to be quite a common issue they should have solved years ago, though…

      Anyway, my coupon has now been accepted. The next time I buy tix (if ever), I will probably not use the store, though…

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