You must be kidding me!

I just found out, to my utter disbelief and horror, that for some unfathomable reason I have always translated Zweidritteldraft as “three-quarter-draft”, instead of the obviously correct “two-thirds-draft” (since, as I have explained several times, the point is that a third of the cards in the draft pool will not get drafted). AND NO ONE NOTICED? How is that possible? That is one of these moments where I strongly doubt that anyone actually reads my posts…

Well, I think I tracked down all instances of “three-quarter-daft” and replaced them. Guys, since you obviously didn’t pay that much attention: Two-thirds-draft is a great tool to alleviate some of the issues which drafts with just four players present. Give it a try with your cubes!

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4 Comments on “You must be kidding me!”

  1. iyokai Says:


    I have to confirm APs attidute towards 2/3-Draft and the pools he designed!
    Up to this day, I have proxed “Rorschachs Welt” and “Waterworld”. Both of them have a wonderful feeling when drafting and playing and they are cheap way to spend an evening/night with friends playing magic.

    Try it out!


  2. bezalet Says:

    I noticed, and desperately searched for an article where you explained the “three-quarter-draft”, but I couldn’t find anything. I didn’t have an account on at that time, so I couldn’t ask you, and I also feared that I just had missed the text where you explain the “three-quarter-draft”.

    By the time when I finally registered, I had forgotten about the discrepancy between your German and English texts about Cubes. I mean, it’s a few months that you wrote your last articles in German, isn’t it? In hindsight, I probably should have registered earlier and ask, I’m glad you explained it now.

    Speaking of Cubes: Did you ever draft with five or six players? And what changes do you make, if you do it?

    • No, at least not in the way you mean (I certainly did a few impromptu drafts sometimes with fewer than 8 players in the normal way).

      The reason I developed a variant for 4 players is simply logistics – number of players you can reasonably expect to find the time, number of people easily accomodated in most types of living-space, number of persons you actually want to spend much time with (you know, there invariably comes a point for everyone when “plays magic” is not enough of common ground between people anymore)… And, of course, with 4 players everyone can play everyone in a reasonable amount of time, and no one is left out.

      As for 5 players: I just wouldn’t do it. At least one person will sit around at all times doing nothing. If you’re 5 people, just do something else than drafting – that’s the best advice I can give. (Maybe it is possible to design a cool draft variant for a team of two against a team of three, but I haven’t thought about it so far. Or you can just draft and play free-for-all multiplayer, but I hate this format, so I won’t advise you to do this.)

      Regarding 6 players: I think you can just draft normally. It will be different than with 8 players, of course, and you shouldn’t treat it as serious preparation for tournaments (you’d get a wrong impression of draft dynamics and possible decks), but it works reasonably fine without the need to change anything.

  3. jashinc Says:

    I read all your articles, but to my shame didn’t notice it. Perhaps it is because Engiish is not my native language and i read your early articles about it in German, so I knew what you were talking about even if you used the wrong word (in fact it could be that my mind corrected it automatically…).

    Normal drafting is indeed working with only six players, the only difference is, that archetypes that need certain uncommons are less viable and that the decks get weaker (obviously!).
    With five players you could always play star – if you like multiplayer…

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