And another winning Innistrad draft deck

O.K., seems like I’m on a roll right now. (It will be a frustrating experience when I start having normal amounts of luck again.) The deck I drafted this time was almost as bomb-driven as my last, but in two colors and with better synergies. Its removal could have been better, and ideally I would have had a few more two-drops, but it was reasonably fast, consistent and powerful. And yes, I had Mentor of the Meek & Bloodline Keeper in play together in two games (although in one game I was still endlessly on defense). Village Bell-Ringer is really nice support for the Keeper, BTW, and Mentor with all those token-producing cards… well, see for yourself:

9 Swamp
8 Plains
Typhoid Rats
Typhoid Rats
Selfless Cathar
Doomed Traveler
Silverchase Fox
Walking Corpse
Mentor of the Meek
Village Bell-Ringer
Village Cannibals
Abbey Griffin
Bloodline Keeper
Galvanic Juggernaut
Gallows Warden
Blazing Torch
Dead Wight
Mask of Avacyn
Bonds of Faith
Midnight Haunting
Midnight Haunting
Corpse Lunge
Moan of the Unhallowed
Smite the Monstrous
Unburial Rites

Although I really liked to put the Mask of Avacyn on my spoiler rares, I sided it out once for a Spare of Evil, because it was slow. Actually, I would have sided it out every match for that reason, but the other matches were against decks with lots of humans, so Spare made no sense, and my other options weren’t better – I didn’t really need my 3 Ghoulcaller’s Chant, my 2 Manor Skeleton or that Skeletal Grimace. The Mask pulled its weight, I just wished I’d had a simple Moment of Heroism instead – I got routinely into trouble whenever my opponents played one of those.

Still, I drew very well this time, often falling into a good curve although this deck didn’t have as many 2-drops as earlier ones which failed to produce them. I got lucky with the screen time of my spoilers as well as with a few less than optimal draws from my opponents, and I believe at least one opponent threw a game away by killing my Doomed Traveler with his Skirsdag Cultist instead of my Village Cannibals, which grew to 4/4 from that (he sacrificed a human).

I’m just a little disappointed that these rares aren’t worth much. But then again, I draft for fun – expected value is only important in justifying the money I spend. Right now I do clearly better than -4 tix per draft overall, but I must assume that this won’t hold long. Anyway, I won’t be drafting with that frequency much longer – I have other things to do (I need to remind me of this). So, don’t expect as many more posts with game-wining decklists from me in the future!

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3 Comments on “And another winning Innistrad draft deck”

  1. jashinc Says:

    Well that list looks really strong.
    Among the weaker cards are only the griffin and the lunge and your high-end is really good.
    Nobody should ever tell me again white-black is a bad color combination!
    Am I right, that the mentor was your firstpick and your drafted around it? Or were you just lucky?

  2. I don’t mind the Griffin. It is actually a decent card, just maligned ny intrnet writers who propose archetype-drafting for having too few synergies. I just missed a few more cards like Avacynian Priest or Chapel Geist instead of Corpse Lunge or Village Cannibals, but I don’t mean to say I wasn’t satisfied with the deck, just pointing out where it wasn’t perfect.

    And no, the Mentor wasn’t my fpfp. I think I opened it with the third booster. But, you see, when you draft a wihte deck (and even more when I draft a white deck), synergies with the Mentor come automatically. I’m a big fan od 1- and 2-drops in that environment, and I value Midnight Haunting and Moan of the Unhallowed quite high in any case. If the Mentor had been a different strong pick (let’s say Dearly Departed or Ghost-Honored Monk), I don’t think I would have made a single pick differently. (I even took the Mask before I had either spoiler.)

    So, I was certainly lucky to open the Mentor and the Keeper, but I wouldn’t have drafted a different deck without that luck (just a worse). The only thing is that I continually reevaluate cards according to my previous picks. For example, I drafted a second Typhoid Rats over a second Selfless Cathar at the end of the third booster, because I realized my biggest weakness was a strong ground assault – without the Rats, it would be really hard to deal with werewolves, for example. If I hadn’t had those bombs, but maybe a better curve, a slightly higher creature quality and better removal, I would certainly have taken the Cathar, because I would have preferred a more aggressive approach.

    • Oh, and let me add that drafting a deck around a single card is dangerous, if not outright foolish! If you do not draw it or your opponent neutralizes it, you’re stuck with a deck full of inferior picks you made because of their synergies with that one card. That is a great approach to draft mediocre decks…

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