Forced by Wizards of the Coast, the website is permanently closed.

No, not Zeromagic. Magic Draft Simulator. Obviously, WotC have the right to do this. Obviously, they also think it’s a great idea.

I, on the other hand, see a site closed which has been doing free PR for Magic. I fail to understand how its existence could hurt, in any conceivable way, WotC’s sales. I have quite a good idea, however, how its existence could help these sales. Well, but maybe I’m just naive.

At least, there is no longer a hard choice between MagicDraftSim or LeBestiaire if you want to do a few practice drafts to get a feeling for a draft environment. Well, at least as long as WotC don’t close LeBestiaire as well, that is.

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9 Comments on “Forced by Wizards of the Coast, the website is permanently closed.”

  1. renappel Says:

    I usually enjoy your articles/blogs a lot (although I disagree on several subjects…) but this is pretty ignorant on your part in my oppinion.

    These free draft tools get used to create draftdecks which are then used one modo to play the games with the decks (this is even more true for cube drafts) and such really hurt the revenue which would otherwise be generated by the mtgo drafts. I just wonder why this didn’t happen earlier…

    • I really have a hard time to believe this is true. For starters, you couldn’t even draft with others on MagicDraftSim – you always did a mock draft agaist 7 KIs (and stupid ones at that). So am I to believe that one player does that, then 7 other players who did not participate in the draft will build their decks with the stuff the KIs drafted? And then these 8 people, who obviously own those cards on MTGO, so they can build decks with them, do a mock tournament with them? What the heck would be the point of that???

      I think you are mixing things up here: This was just a draft simulator, NOT a drafting tool like NetDraft which players use to then play tournaments with on Magc Workstation (not MODO = MTGO). Unless you know something relevant that I miss here, I have to assume that it is you who is pretty ignorant here!

      • renappel Says:

        I was assuming you would know a little bit more about what happens on modo… so let’s explain:

        ppl draft on the same plattform against an AI, then they use the decks they get and ask for players who drafted with the same tool to join a game against them, since both used the same basic algorithms behind the tools you can get a lot of raw data from those tests.

        and the second thing is, ppl draft on something like netdraft and then play the games out on modo since its much more comfortable than workstation. you just build the decks you drafted on netdraft and use it on modo for the gameplay… thus they use the ressources that went into developing the software mtgo without paying for it…which in the long run ruins profitability and makes wotc in a worst case scenario stop mtgo…

        • I admit that it’s been a while since I was last logged in on MTGO, and maybe I wasn’t active in the right areas to notice this, but I strongly doubt that this happens in large enough numbers to mahe a dent into WotC’s sales.

          You don’t really want to tell me that casual drafters would ever go to the trouble of doing this (note that you still need to obtain the drafted cards and build these decks)? As for the small minority of “serious” drafters – how many of them will actually prefer this highly impractical approach just to save a few bucks? Sorry, this sounds ridiculous to me, and it is certainly not hurting WotC’s sales in any noticeable quantity.

          As for netdraft, this makes a little more sense, since you get at least to do (more or less) real drafts. (It makes even more sense if you play on Magic Workstation then to save money.) However, it seems WotC do not have the right to shut these sites down…

          The amount of people who “draft” on a draft simulator INSTEAD OF on MTGO is certainly miniscule.

  2. atog28 Says:

    I came here under false assumtions. :-P

  3. There is zero chance that you know what you are talking about. there is/was NO connection between magic online and NONE. ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. the 2 are COMPLETELY unrelated. You can’t draft a deck on any sim and then magically import it to magic online. Not in this universe or any other. Not sure where you came up with that doozy ….

  4. MagicDraftSim was an awesome draft practice tool with limited effectiveness. It did a great job of simulating drafts (to a point) and did not threaten MTGO in the slightest. In fact, it linked MTGO and provided info on how to download it. The site, I am sure, did much more to add business to WOTC than ever take anything away. If the members of WOTC who had a hand in this had any brains at all, they would have bought out MagicDraftSim to replace its own ineffective and useless Draft Simulator.

  5. jashinc Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Zac Hill just stated in today’s column that R&D think that Mana Leak is an overpowerd card from past Magic which wouldn’t be made today.
    I think this absurdity really demands an article from you.
    Greetings, Jashin

    • Well, while that wasn’t exactly what he said, his article really demands something like a venomous article or maybe a letter filled with Anthrax sent to him. Can’t promise I’ll get to that soon, though; this weekend is filled with RL.

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