Limited Card Pool Update: Giant Growth

This is a correction of a mistake I made in my last pass on my limited card pool: I decided that I wanted to keep Brute Force, the red Giant Growth, and thus (since I hate doubling up on cards in different colors, unless they’re very simple creatures) removed Giant Growth, with the reasoning that I had ample versions of this spell available (which is true). However, I noticed two things:

1. I really wanted access to the most basic version of that effect in Green, its countless variants nonwithstanding. I toyed with the idea of using Titanic Growth here and Brute Force in Red, but Titanic Growth wasn’t as basically useful at two mana (one or two mana makes a hell of a difference on a reactive card), really stepped on the toes of several essential growth variants at three mana (Primal Boost, Unchecked Growth, Ferocious Charge) and was just weaker than its red counterpart, Brute Force, which didn’t make sense. So it had to be Giant Growth.

2. While I was willing to go against my paradigm to never mirror a spell exactly in two colors if it stood in the way of using the tools I wanted, I was loathe to make the only exception in this case, and while I really like Brute Force, I had to admit it was poorly positioned between other pump spells I wanted to use, like Fists of the Anvil and Thunder Strike. I agree that red pump doesn’t need to be as powerful as green pump (Hornet Sting is quite a downgrade from Lightning Bolt also), although I still wouldn’t mind a mana off of these cards. However, this is how they get usually costed, and they’re perfectly usable that way, so it makes sense to accept this power level. Brute Force is too strong then. The thing is, though, that using Brute Force in a cube would usually help bringing the power of red commons down a little, since it could take the place of a burn spell – Red just has that issue of a gap in power between its burn spells and its other spells which tend to be crap like land destruction für 5 mana and the like. While I can use Fists of the Anvil or Thunder Strike, they cannot count against the qouta of strong commons in a cube (which Brute Force could), meaning that here goes an opportunity for a strong red noncreature common which is NOT burn. That’s a pity, but this is just how Red works.

So I will reinstate Giant Growth and take out Brute Force.

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4 Comments on “Limited Card Pool Update: Giant Growth”

  1. Which color gets Grizzly Bears? Is that one of the cards that can be available to multiple colors? Is it too weak in green?

    • I have no problem with vanilla creatures or french vanilla creatures being available in several colors (for example, I have Goblin Roughrider & Warpath Ghoul; and Phantom Monster & Roc of Kher Ridges).

      As for the bears, yes, they are too weak in Green – they have been obsoleted a zillion number of times, and I use several creatures strictly better than them (Darkthicket Wolf, Kavu Titan and Wild Mongrel are just a few examples). It’s the same in White, where, among others, Ajani’s Pridemate, Leonin Squire and Sunspear Shikari are available.

      So, the only color to star simple bears is actually Black (Walking Corpse), since neither Red nor Blue so far got one – Red has at least Goblin Raiders, while Blue has to make do with 2/1s for 1U, which ironically, due to their extra abilities, are often much more powerful than simple bears.

  2. muerrischemasse Says:

    “my paradigm to never mirror a spell exactly in two colors”

    Warum? Ich meine ,dass du nicht zwei (abgesehen von der Farbe) identische Spells in einen Pool einzigen Cube stecken willst, könnte ich ja noch verstehen. Aber warum diese Regel auch in deinem Gesamtpool verfolgen. Schließlich hat jeder Cube seine eigenen Gesetzmäßigkeiten. Auch im Powerlevel können Cubes varieren. Somit halte ich es doch schon für eine ziehmliche Einschränkung, sich bei gut designten Karten auf eine Farbe zu beschränken

    Gruß Mürrischemasse

    • Ja, es ist auch nicht unbedingt notwendig, und ich schreibe ja auch, dass ich in begründeten Fällen diese Regel über Bord zu werfen bereit bin, aber tatsächlich sind es doch nur recht wenige Einschränkungen, und sie helfen mir, den Farben ihre Identität zu geben (ich bin ja andererseits kein allzu strenger Color-Pie-Hüter) und meinen Pool auf vernünftiger Größe zu halten.

      Das ist genau so wie meine Entscheidung keine zwei Karten zu behalten, von denen eine strikt besser ist – auch nicht für unterschiedliche Cubes – letztlich eine persönliche Vorliebe.

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