Limited Card Pool Update: (no) Heartwood Giant

While I was scanning the competition for the newly spoiled Sentinel Spider in the green 5-mana slot of my limited card pool, I noticed that I had kept Heartwood Giant just for nostalgic reasons. I have no issue with a green creature directly damaging an opponent, but I don’t like a mediocre tap ability on a 4/4. Yes, it is a means to close a game, but it neither plays well nor is it especially exciting. Once again, it’s not that I couldn’t use the giant in a cube – it’s perfectly fine – it’s that I wouldn’t, since I have enough preferrable options, no matter where I want a specific cube to head. So, to keep the overall number of cards in my pool down, I’m taking it out, no matter how I will decide concerning the rumored new Spider.

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2 Comments on “Limited Card Pool Update: (no) Heartwood Giant”

  1. bezalet Says:

    I just realised that you didn’t have Plated Spider in your card pool, which is quite similar to the new Sentinel Spider, although the last one is more powerful and needs more green mana. So if you will take in the new Spider, why didn’t you keep Plated Spider before? It certainly is not too weak since it is perfectly playable in my latest cube, which features pretty good cards and is quite fast (but excludes ridiculous bombs, of course). It’s ability to stop any attack from small creatures, even flying ones, and still providing you with a good attacker if you’re the agressor (unlike Giant Spider) makes it strong enough that I’d take it over other five-mana-creatures like Hollowhenge Beast most of the time.

    • I don’t use Plated Spider because it is a 5-mana creature best used on defense, which I don’t like, since it promotes stalemates, and I believe that creatures from 5 mana upwards should be used to end the game, not prolong it. Of course, you CAN attack with the Spider, but it is only superior to a Durkwood Boar when held back for blocking. Reach is just an ability which doesn’t belong on expensive creatures. (Actually, I use it sparingly overall because it is geared towards producing stalemates.) Flying doesn’t have that issue, of course, since it is useful both on offense and defense.

      But with Silent Spider you can enjoy the bonus reach provides you with AND attack with your 4/4 fatty, since it has vigilance! That plays much better, since it helps steering the game towards its conclusion (actually, it means that SIlent Spider is an inferior Serra Angel, which is fine for Green). When I saw that card, I immediately thought: Yup, that’s a Plated Spider variant which makes sense!

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