A Very Moderately Interesting Draft-winning Deck List

It’s been a while since I last won a draft on Magic Online. Actually, it’s been nearly the same while since I drafted again – after that draft, I hibernated until yesterday. Then I looked at those Innistrad boosters in my collection and thought: Why not trade them for Avacyn Restored boosters? I don’t think I’ll like that format much, but I should at least give it a try, and there are several commons in that set which I could put to good use in my casual decks.

It turned out, though, that Innistrad boosters are worth next to nothing right now… So I thought, what the heck, I also haven”t drafted Innistrad with Dark Ascension so far, so why not get a booster from that set and join a draft? That I did. I scrubbed out in the first round, though, but I was adamantly convinced that this hadn’t been my fault (although my playing skills have suffered a lot over the last decade, I was sure I just got unlucky with the boosters and my draws). Also, there were still 2 Innistrad boosters left, so I bought another Dark Ascension booster and tried again. This time, I at least reached the finals, meaning, that since this was a swiss queue (also known as “the only queue in that format which still fires”), I got exactly another draft set (minus 2 tix, of course, but I do have a certain ticket reservoir). So, obviously, I did a third draft, and, less obviously (oh well, unless you read the title of this entry), I won that one (meaning I have now even more boosters to draft with – I feel like Sisyphos!)

Please don’t read too much into this post. I don’t assume that there is still too much interest in this nearly dead format; I don’t claim that this is an extremely interesting list; and I certainly don’t want to suggest that I must still be a draft superstar since I won a swiss draft. I just haven’t posted in a long while, and since I intended to make it a habit to post all my winning deck lists, I jumped at the opportunity to keep this blog alive (BTW, yes, looking at a random card will also return once I get some other stuff keeping my mind busy at the moment done). I should probably mention that two of my opponents were in one game each really, really, REALLY colorscrewed; but then again, I beat one of those 2:0 and the other won a game after playing first, dropping Bloodcrazed Neonate, and then Stromkirk Captain, and following that up with two removal spells, so one shouldn’t jump to conclusions either way.

Here’s the list:

8 Forest
8 Island
Ambush Viper
Deranged Outcast
Hamlet Captain
Somberwald Dryad
Deranged Assistant
Deranged Assistant
Deranged Assistant
Lambholt Elder
Armored Skaab
Woodland Sleuth
Dungeon Geists
Tower Geist
Manor Gargoyle
Hollowhenge Beast
Somberwald Spider
Blazing Torch
Prey Upon
Sensory Deprivation
Tracker’s Instincts
Butcher’s Cleaver
Cackling Counterpart
Grasp of Phantoms
Grim Flowering

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  1. jashinc Says:

    I absolutely love the Innistrad “I-Mill-Myself”-archetype!

    • It’s just a subtheme here – I didn’t explicitly force it and took the Assistants mainly for acceleration. But I actually had a game where Grim Flowering garnered me 7 cards, and I couldn’t even play my potentially enormous Splinterfright for fear of decking myself (I won anyway)!

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