Limited Card Pool Update: (no) Snapcaster Mage

Just prior to actually acquiring a Snapcaster Mage for my limited card pool I asked myself again if I really needed that card. I admit, it was only the outrageous price which made me second-guess my earlier decision. The thing is, RL concerns DO weigh in on my decisions (that’s, for example, why there is no Juzam Djinn in my card pool, which would otherwise be just perfect – but a single nice card just isn’t worth half a month’s rent). Of course, the Mage is much more affordable than the Djinn, and I keep a few comparably expensive cards like Sinkhole and Mutavault, but the price tag is high enough to ask if this card is worth it – and I think, the answer is no. Certainly, if this was a common, I’d take it, because I believe it plays very well in limited and is a good way to strengthen an “instant & sorcery” theme. I want this theme to be in Izzet, not just Blue, however, and I already have a very nice selection of cards for it at my disposal, especially counting in Magic 2013 – and these new cards are blue themselves. So I don’t really need the Mage, and he would also make this theme just a little more lopsided in Blue. Also, this theme just begs to be combined with flashback, and Snapcaster is a little redundant here thematically. Finally, even in limited, Snapcaster Mage’s power level is pretty high for a blue 2-drop, and the color just got Void Stalker. After I took all that into consideration and thought about other uses for nearly 20 euros, I decided I will pass on the Mage without much regret. If it were as essentially as Sinkhole or Mutavault are for my pool, I’d buy it, but it really isn’t.

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