My Limited Card Pool, updated and in xls format

It seems that it is preferrable if I provide downloadable lists in xls-format (ods isn’t possible, alas) instead of pdf. Thus, here is the link to my up-to-date (as of 18.07.2012) limited card pool for Next Level Cubes:

Limited Card Pool

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2 Comments on “My Limited Card Pool, updated and in xls format”

  1. bezalet Says:

    Thank you. According to, the following cards have spelling mistakes in your list:

    Psychic Puppetry
    Ashenmoor Gouger
    Fire // Ice
    Tin Street Hooligan
    Hearthfire Hobgoblin
    Skyknight Legionnaire
    Crime // Punishment
    Bleak Coven Vampires
    Grazing Gladehart
    and Dândan, if you want to add the ^

  2. Okay, three of those weren’t actually mistakes (the split cards and Dandan) – I just didn’t bother with strange notation. So, that makes seven errors in a list of over 2000 cards – I think that’s fair!

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