SDW (stupid deck wins)

Okay, I’m really tired, and this will be short, but I will fulfill my duties as chronicler: After my last won draft, I went 1-1 in an 8-4; 0-1 in a 4-3-2-2; then lost two times back to back in the finals of two more 8-4. It seems my birthday luck had already deserted me, because the decks I had really deserved better, but okay. Then I entered a swiss draft (I know, I really shouldn’t, but it started first) and won it with the following deck:

13 Mountain
4 Swamp
3 Goblin Arsonist
2 Crimson Muckwader
2 Mogg Flunkies
1 Dragon Hatchling
2 Reckless Brute
2 Rummaging Goblin
2 Goblin Battle Jester
1 Bladetusk Boar
1 Firewing Phoenix
1 Furnace Whelp
1 Ring of Valkas
3 Searing Spear
2 Turn to Slag

Why, yes, I might have been the only red drafter at the table… It certainly felt that way! Just to show you the options I had when building my deck, a few cards from my sideboard:

Ravenous Rats
Knight of Infamy
Giant Scorpion
3 Bloodhunter Bat
Zombie Goliath
2 Canyon Minotaur
Wild Guess
Mark of Mutiny
Cleaver Riot

Obviously, the hard part was to decide how much Black I wanted…

I won the first round against a really bad player with a BW deck featuring Mutilate, a boatload of exalted creatures and a lot of lands, which allowed me to make a recovery from 9 life to 42 (there had been a Zombie Goliath with TWO Mark of the Vampire!) with just a Rummaging Goblin against Duty-Bound Dead and Angelic Benediction. Ring of Valkas was really helpful here, especially in conjunction with Furnace Whelp and a two-digit number of lands in play…
Second round I beat a B/g deck, and in the finals I knew (I finally found the option to replay my opponents’ games – I’m SO slow!) I would face a monster of a deck: The game I replayed it went Arctic Aven, Sublime Angel, Sublime Angel! But luck had returned to me: In the first game he only drew the Aven (which I could kill with a Searing Spear), and in the second game, after I had frantically sideboarded into a RB version of my deck with all the removal I could muster – I submitted the deck with 3 seconds left on the clock! – he drew only Islands and died really fast.

You wouldn’t believe it, but I do actually NOT draft ultra-aggressive decks every time (although I always value a good curve highly) – but my slower decks, even though they usually look better even to me, just fail to win consistently enough. I’ll leave it to you to draw any further conclusions. It’s time to go to sleep now.

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4 Comments on “SDW (stupid deck wins)”

  1. -2 Rummaging Goblin
    -2 Goblin Battle Jester
    -1 Ring of Valkas
    +1 Murder
    +1 Knight of Infamy
    +3 Bloodhunter Bat
    much better deck.

    • Even assuming you would adjust the mana base correctly: No.

      There are matchups where you want to sideboard into a RB variant, but even (and especially) then you wouldn’t take out the Rummaging Goblins (unless, of course, you have no clue).

      Also note I didn’t forget that I banned you from commenting on my blog. Some years have since passed, and I can give you the benefit of doubt if you want to start with a clean slate, but you won’t get much leeway if you take up trolling again.

  2. Can’t reply to your postif I don’t want to sign up on WordPress so I have to reply in a new post.

    Your deck is so strong you just don’t need to clog it up with 3 mana 1/1. There is no shame to play a 2drop on turn 3 looking at your insane 2 drops. Bats give reach and team nice with Flunkies. Plus I can’t imagine that you would play the Muckwaders with only 3 Swamps. Bashing for 3 starting from T3 is so insane whereas without a Swamp he is so shabby…
    Murder in side pushes it over the top. Just imagine turn 4 Roaring Primadox. Offensive stopped and no cheap out.

    • Ah, I actually played 13 Mountain 4 Swamp – didn’t notice I switched the numbers when I jotted down the list. I know how strong Muckwaders with a Swamp in play are. (But I would still play them as 2/1 for 2 mana without shame in another deck.)

      Rummaging Goblin is way stronger than you realize (and that would be even more true if you SBed into the slower RB version of the deck). Games do usually NOT end after 6 turns, so they generate a lot of qualitative card advantage, throwing away extra lands and digging for cards I need. I won several games with that power.

      Something else you do not realize: In a mono-red deck, Goblin Battle Jester are stronger than Bloodhunter Bat in RB (and I know the Bats are already very strong). Did you just ask what to do against that Primadox? How strong is he if he never blocks?

      Also, I can just kill the creatures besides the Dox, and while my opponent is busy replaying the Dox, I apply more pressure and dig for even more with the Goblins – or I just trade 1:2 with the Dox and win against a full grip. Oh, and the Dragons and the Boar evade it. And the Ring allows my creatures after just one turn to tangle with the Dox.

      The cards quality of a RB build would be a little higher (mainly due to the Murder), but the loss of consistency is just not worth it.

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