Finally, a victory with a good deck!

This time, it took only three more drafts until my next win came along after the last one (yes, I took a break from drafting for a few days). Unfortunately, the first two were 8-4s where I lost in the semis, and the one I won was a 4-3-2-2…

In the first draft, I opened an unexciting booster and chose to try and force the Axebane Guardian deck, which didn’t pan out, since Green proved to be overdrafted – I got three Axebane Guardian, but no Gatecreeper Vine and very few green cards overall (although there was some good stuff like a foil Loleth Troll and a Call of the Conclave among them), and also no high quality lategame cards making it worth to build my deck around the Guardians. I ended up with a three-color deck where I had to actually cut them and rely only on two Guildgates for manafixing, because Green turned out to be my tertiary color. On the other hand, I had some nice card quality in both White and Black – stuff like double Sunspire Griffin and double Thrill-Kill Assassin, Dead Reveler etc.. Overall, though, the deck was just too much of a hodgepodge of cards with tough mana, and that proved to be my undoing in the semis. In the following draft, I opened and took Carnival Hellsteed, following it up with Explosive Impact and Rakdos Ragemutt. Obviously, I was planning to go either Izzet + Black or Golgari + Red, but as it turned out, Rakdos was wide open, and I ended up with an unbelievably strong deck that didn’t need to use any of my clumsy first three picks, ending its curve at four, featuring three Pursuit of Flight, supported by two Izzet Guildgate, two Traitorous Instinct, three strong removal and 16 efficient creatures. But once again, a Rakdos deck managed to severely flood me (I’m talking of drawing considerably more than 50% lands) two times in the same match, causing me to lose a still close semi-finals.

In the following draft, again faced with a very weak booster, I stubbornly decided to try Rakdos again, opening with a Shred-Freak. Once more, this guild was open for me, and once again, I got a great deck (although not quite as strong as a few others I had drafted before):

8 Mountain
8 Swamp
1 Bellows Lizard
1 Drainpipe Vermin
1 Rakdos Cackler
2 Grim Roustabout
2 Thrill-Kill Assassin
1 Ash Zealot
1 Rakdos Shred-Freak
1 Gore-House Chainwalker
1 Daggerdrome Imp
3 Sewer Shambler
2 Hellhole Flailer
1 Dead Reveler
2 Deviant Glee
1 Dynacharge
2 Auger Spree
1 Traitorous Instinct
1 Launch Party

notable SB:
Catacomb Slug, Tenement Crasher, Electrickery, Racecourse Fury, Mind Rot, Goblin Rally, Skull Rend

(I never used my sideboard.)

There’s not much to say about my matches: I played against Azorius splash Red in the first round, Selesnya + Black in the second, and a four-color monstrosity featuring at least one Axebane Guardian and one Selesnya Keyrune each which seemed to be mainly a Selesnya populate deck, but dipped into stuff like Stab Wound and Voidwielder. I won every game where I wasn’t severely flooded or screwed (although I already mulliganed unplayable hands at least three times overall), and even one game where I WAS severely flooded, but managed to draw a Hellhole Flailer to deal the last damage directly just in time, although I didn’t break the curse of getting flooded twice in the semis with Rakdos every time that way…

Just one more thing to note: I really, really suck as a player. The mistakes I make during my games are just unbelievable! Of course, that means it is even more important that I assemble decks which give me a decisive edge…

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2 Comments on “Finally, a victory with a good deck!”

  1. Indeed a nice deck you’ve drafted there.

    I’d totally love to see stream and/or draft walk-through.

    Would you care to upload the draft on That would be totally awesome =]

    • Okay… Took me a long while to locate those files, but I finally did it. I didn’t even realize I could access my drafts that way! It’s interesting to see how I misremembered some things – for example, my first pick was Ash Zealot in this draft, and the Shred-Freak came second.

      I’ll see that I’ll load up a few drafts soon!

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