Moving my winning deck lists to Couchdraft

I knew it existed, but I never found the time to see what it actually was and how it worked, but after a commentator reminded me of it, I finally got into it: Couchdraft.

I didn’t realize before that all my MTGO drafts were being logged, but now that I know, I see what an opportunity I missed to analyze my own drafts! Anyway, this seems a great tool, and Couchdraft is doing a fantastic job of offering a way to share one’s drafts with others. All picks are being visualized, and you can comment on every one. (Also, I don’t need to type those deck lists anymore.) Because it makes way more sense, I will from now on talk about my draft experiences there and just post links here. (However, I’m through with RTR drafts for the moment – I need to do something else with my time for a while.) You can find my drafts by looking for Zeromant (unsurprisingly). I already put the walkthroughs of my four won RTR drafts there!

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  1. Then again, it seems I can no longer login there. I tried to reset my password three times and failed, and my email to the admin has yet been left unanswered.

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