WWWWW (Wrathful Wizards Waging Wacky Wars)

I guess many of you also read my German Blog, Ein Platz für Andi? (Admittedly, there wasn’t that much to read during the last months, but the wind is changing again…) If so, you can skip the rest of this entry, because it is little more than a duplicate in English. If you don’t, though, and the reason for that is that you are not comfortable with the German language, I have something exciting to tell you: I have designed a really cool game, called ZzzzzZ in German, and I have even translated it into English, so that you can join in the fun! The English title is WWWWW (wrathful wizards waging wacky wars) for the two-player version, and WWWWWW (wrathful wizards witlessly waging widespread wars) for the multiplayer versions.

I redesigned that game so that all the rules fit on playing cards, and I used the Magic Set Editor to design those cards. Admittedly, that program isn’t perfectly suited for creating a self-designed card game, but it was still a lot of help and allowed me to finish a prototype for playtesting. I created a PDF of the cards, ready to be printed out (7 pages total). Unfortunately, I cannot change the sorting order MSE uses, so I at least grouped those cards together by pages in the way which makes the most sense.

If you ask nicely (and provide me with an email address), I will send you my MSE file (you can have both the English or the German version), but unfortunately, I cannot upload those files to my blog. To work with that file, you obviously need to install MSE (use the above link; the download is completely free), and you also need to install a customs template I used.

To play WWWWW, you need a set of 62 cards per player, and in addition some typical gaming stuff (mostly a large number of six-sided dice). You can read all about this on the cards, though, which I designed to explain the game completely by themselves. I am curious how this works out – give me feedback! And, of course, I will also appreciate any feedback about the game itself, as well as on any errors or ambiguities of the card texts.

You find the link to the PDF at the bottom of my German entry introducing the game, labeled WWWWW-all.

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