An emergency update for WWWWW

I really did not intend to change anything about my published version of WWWWW before playtesting proved that its rules needed to get revised, but it turns out I overlooked something really important concerning one of its special actions, and owing to Murphy I noticed that just very shortly after I published the game…

You can find a detailled explanation of the change I made on my German blog Ein Platz für Andi – I reckon chances are extremely low that any of my readers a) cannot read German, b) cares for WWWWW, c) already looked at the cards closely enough to notice the change, and d) cares for my detailled reasoning.  So let me give you just the short of it here: Chance discovery has become breakthrough; it now matters only roughly half as often; it helps you now with bad finder throws instead of enhancing already promising ones; and it doesn’t give you gold, but the effects of chaos magic, probably leading to the option to buy gold on the next turn, or maybe get into a chimera / chaos magic strategy. The old rule was really bad; the new one is really good; I thus needed to make this change ASAP.

I still intend not to change my published version of WWWWW for any reason which does not affect the game mechanics, and I sincerely hope that this will not happen anytime soon. However, since I had to make a major change now, I also made a really minor change – I tell you just in case you’d notice.

These cards changed:

Chance discovery became breakthrough, featuring a completely new effect. Game inventory, obviously, has to refer to the changed name now. Basilisk got a slightly clearer, functionally identical wording. (That last change does not apply to the German version of the game, ZzzzZ.)

That’s it.

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