A few winning draft decks, a couple polls

To keep up with tradition, I post screenshots of decks which won me drafts. (I would also post decks which “won” me leagues by going 5-0, but that just hasn’t happened so far, although I must be close to ten 4-1 scores in the meantime.) The more important part of this entry, though, are the polls further down. I would ask you all to participate, but in the end, not participating is essentially a form of participating – I am well aware that no feedback is the most honest feedback.

I drafted little OGW during the last weeks, because I am still busy jamming sealed leagues. The novelty of those will wear off at some time, but I’m not quite there yet. I know Shadows over Innistrad will soon be available on Magic Online, but in the meanwhile you might want to say goodbye to a really nice draft format.


Rakdos Aggro

Aggressive decks are generally underdogs in that environment, but if you are in the right position at a draft table, and the shuffler is on your side, they can get there.


Never Resurgent

That is more like it – lategame power for several draft decks! Zendikar Resurgent is obviously insane here. Not that I ever drew it…


While I usually avoid the flashback drafts, because I found that those old formats weren’t nearly as much fun as nostalgia makes you believe, the original Ravnica block was simply great – not flawless for sure, but great! I’m still drafting it while I write this, because this is an opportunity which will not return very often or very soon.


Aura Fun

I usually don’t like to go quite as deep on fancy themes like auras, but this was a very well justified exception. Note that this deck is actually solidly in two colors with a small splash, which is almost unheard of in this environment! Oh, and I really couldn’t fetch anything with Sunforger, which was a pity, but the power boost was of course still worth playing that equipment.



This is a much more typical Ravnica block draft deck, solidly in three colors, using one guild from each set. Okay, I couldn’t resist splashing for Savage Twister, especially since I was able to find it by transmuting Dimir Infiltrator (or find a Gruul Signet instead so that I could cast the Twister). If you ever give that format a try, aim for something similar – going all-out on bounce lands is not the best plan. (However, due to the distribution of the guilds and the unique draft dynamics it is actually really hard to end up with a solid build! This is an enormously tricky draft format.)


Now to the poll part! My reopening entry sadly failed to meet my already rather low expectations regarding both feedback and clicks, although I had been optimistic that I had found a topic which was both fun for me to write about, and interesting for my viewers to read about. Well, it turns out I was mistaken, and now I am a bit at a loss, so I will ask you a few questions. Obviously, I am interested in your answers, but the sheer number of people participating will provide even more crucial information to me. I admit I am in the habit of sometimes talking to myself, and this habit might even extend to blogging about Magic mostly for myself, but I really need to know how empty this room actually is (yes, that is a poor metaphor, because an empty room would tend to at least produce echoes…)

Naturally, my motivation to invest time in my writing and its presentation is related to the feedback I get, so do not expect very many, especially long, especially well-written, or especially nicely pimped up articles in the future – but I’m not yet (again) at the point where I consider stopping to blog completely.

(Obviously, if you want me to focus on certain topics, you should consider to tell me about those explicitly in a comment!)

That should be enough for now. Let’s see if I get at least as many answers as there are polls…

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3 Comments on “A few winning draft decks, a couple polls”

  1. Micho Loge Says:

    I would like to read your thoughts on the new modern bannings and what moderns format philosophy should be in your opinion.
    In general i like the articles of you most where you write about general themes or the “grand strategy” of an enviroment instead of single card discussions or the like. Your Zendikar limited reviews or the duck decks belong to the best magic articles ive ever read.

  2. Simon Rau Says:

    I like your general critisism of WotC/Magic/MTGO in its actual state or future outlook
    Also would like to read what cards go in your limited environment and why (just reading your thoughts on new card designs and mechanics is cool)
    I like your “fixed card” articles
    While i like limited articles, I never really care for winning deck lists. I’m more interested in the general speed/tactics of a format or which cards are much better or worse than the initial thoughts (after playing the format for a while) I think I’m also rather good at new card evaluations and seeing other opinions is always nice.

  3. jashinc Says:

    I agree with Simon. Pictures of winning decks alone are the one thing you post I don’t care for at all. I LOVE strategic input about limited in text form but those pictures alone where you have to zoom in to read the cardnames without having the cardtext – ugh…

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