Winning decks from the old and the new format

So sayeth Zeromant:

So, I doubt that there are really a good dozen of my readers who’d like to improve their limited game, but I guess it is possible. In that case, maybe there is something I can do for you. Be warned, though: It requires active participation from your side!

So sayeth you:

There’d be no point in acting surprised, I guess. Checking a poll option that you’d like to improve is one thing. Actually doing something (or anything) to improve is a world of another. But hey – I gave it a try!

I’m not quite through with OOB drafts yet, so for a while I will be alternating between those and SOI drafts. The week before that set came online, I was especially successful in OOB, possibly because the competition wasn’t quite as tough. (At least that is what my rating changes suggest, although I’m not quite clear on why these drafts should suddenly draw a different crowd of participants.) This is still a cool draft format, and possibly better than the new one, so you might want to give it another shot from time to time.

I won with the following decks:


Abzan Allies

All the allies! More remarkable, though, is that adding a minor color and a slash color works fine even with little fixing.


Naya Allies

This deck lacks a clear focus, but I guess I got lucky. Sometimes the ally synergies got there, sometimes World Breaker won the game, and sometimes Valakut Invoker did. In hindsight, I’m even more surprised that I won that draft.


Planar Selesnya

Again with the allies, but this time support did the most work. Planar Outburst absolutely does not fit this deck, but it still won me two games. (I even sided it out once after my opponent had seen it, because I thought him playing around it was good enough while I would play active cards.)



Another deck that doesn’t look as if it should have gone 3-0 – essentially RB aggro with too high a curve, and too light on colorless synergies. A lot of removal plus Kalitas did it, though.



Finally, another deck based on GW allies. This one played the most like a beatdown deck (which explains why Wall of Resurgence was in the sideboard), although cohort still helped a lot.

Now to Shadows over Innistrad! I only played one draft with it so far, and I won that:



A curve, tempo spells, flyers as finishers. It was good enough, although all rounds were close. Notable occurence: Niblis of Dusk attacking for twelve damage in one turn.

Lastly, a sealed deck, because I was finally able to go 5-0 in a league!



Efficent beatdown, good synergies, great rares and bombs, and all that in two colors. This was without a doubt my best pool since leagues came back! And yes, I once won a game because I triggered Avacyn’s transformation by sacrificing a creature to Bound by Moonsilver without moving it, and it was even necessary.

When I felt the beatdown plan wasn’t good enough, and I needed more lategame power, I sideboarded into this version with slightly riskier mana:



I played five instances of the SOI prerelease league, going 5-0 and 1-4 once each, and 3-2 thrice, while opening a lot of money cards, which means I came out ahead. Still, that is enough sealed for me until the next expansion, I guess – I really do not like to be dependant on luck so much.

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