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Utter End

June 4, 2017

Fool myself once, shame on me; fool myself twice…

Well, enough is enough. The second life of Zeromagic turned out to be a short one. I had not been ready to give up on having a Magic-blog just then, but now I am. It’s simple: I have practically no readers anymore. I also don’t have very much to say anymore (and even if I do, it is not worth the trouble anymore). There is no point in writing such a blog anymore.

If I feel the urge again to blog about anything Magic-related (which is likely, but will probably not happen with high frequency), I will do it on my original blog, which is now the last one standing: Ein Platz für Andi. (And I will do it in German.)

So I am saying farewell to those few who are going to read these lines, and encourage you to bookmark Ein Platz für Andi, which will now become the place for any and all of my blogging activities. If you have anything to say to me, please do it there – or, if you prefer, on Twitter. Zeromagic will (once again) continue to exist in archived form.

Ein Platz für Andi



Time to Go

April 27, 2013

Not too long ago I published on three blogs: Here, on Zeromagic, about everything Magic-related; on Ein Platz für Andi, my creative outlet and the place for the occasional semi-private topic; and on Andis Andersartige Ansichten, where my views about politics and society could be found. While that was a testament to my enthusiasm, it became clear after a while that I couldn’t keep up with a posting schedule attending to three blogs at once. Also, my desire to comment on politics and society plummeted once I realized that I was effectively saying the same things over and over again, albeit in ever new context, and that became tedious. So I decided to put Andis Andersartige Ansichten on hold (with no real intention to ever resume posting there, but I didn’t see a need to burn everything down, so I kept the site as an archive) and return any occasional posts which would have belonged there to Ein Platz für Andi, my original blog.

Now, once again, I realize that my desire to post does not match the number of my blogs anymore. Certainly, I had specific reasons for every period of blogging inactivity, but when both reasons and inactivity periods began to accumulate, I had to consider that this constituted a trend. As with Andis Andersartige Ansichten before, I found that the sheer existence of two blogs paralyzed my desire to post on either of them. So, it is again time for “rightsizing”.

Now, Zeromagic, even though the newer of the two, sports the higher number of clicks by a large margin, most of them owing to being linked from various other Magic sites, first and foremost among those PlanetMTG. But I have never been much of a click-junkie. PlanetMTG didn’t link to my posts very reliably, often missing some if they followed each other too shortly, came at an inopportune time, or said inopportune things, so I could compare the number of clicks from posts they linked and those they didn’t link, which led to the sobering insight that the number of readers I had who found their way to Zeromagic without the help from Germany’s largest Magic site was just a fraction compared to those “drive-by” readers – still a few dozen, but vastly outnumbered by the hundreds coming from PlanetMTG.

Nonetheless, I knew I was being read, and I knew people were interested in what I wrote, because they posted comments. In case you were not aware of it before: It is the readers’ feedback which mainly preserves a blogger’s motivation to keep posting when it is at a low otherwise. If that is missing, you are running out of reasons to keep up a routine quite fast.

You see what I am getting at: The amount of feedback I have been getting on Zeromagic has declined steadily over the last few years, and for my last few posts, even though one of them generated a far above average number of clicks, it was absolutely zero. Effectively that means that my motivation to resume posting is also nearing zero. That is different from Ein Platz für Andi, where I mostly post stuff I would write anyways, even though I never get a lot of feedback there (but always some, and often especially encouraging).

Thus, I decided to relieve myself from the last vestiges of pressure to keep Zeromagic alive by officially closing it down. Of course, I will keep it up as an archive, as I did with Andis Andersartige Ansichten, and comments will be allowed for another week or so, but there will be no more updates. If I ever post anything Magic-related again (like updates to my limited card pool, which I will likely do sporadically), I might do so by using a Zeromagic page, but I will link to it from Ein Platz für Andi, my first and now again my only (active) blog. By the way – I heartily recommend that blog to all my German-speaking readers! Concerning Magic, I will keep tweeting short bursts of sentiments on my english twitter account, and in case someone wants my opinion on a certain topic (yes, it has happened before), he can use that medium to ask me about it.

So that is it for Zeromagic. All in all, the site had a good run and saw many heated and interesting discussions (sometimes those were even the same). However, just as Magic has developed in a direction moving it away from me, so has the Magic community, it seems. Its generations follow each other fast, and the gap between an oldtimer like me and the players of today seems to finally have widened too much. I leave it to you if you interpret my farewell as conceding or as an intentional withdrawal.


February 15, 2013

It took me some time, but I finally managed to get a pdf version of WWWWW online, so that you can download it and print the cards without trouble! You will find the link to the pdf file at the bottom of this German blog entry, labeled WWWWW-all.

“Slow” Update Page for WWWWW

February 13, 2013

This entry has become obsolete. I replaced the update page for both ZzzzZ and WWWWW with pdf files always contaning the most current version of the cards, to be found at the bottom of this German entry via links labeled ZzzzZ-alle & WWWWW-all.