This is an alphabetical index listing the cards I reviewed in my  looking at a random card entries.


AEthersnipe (B+)
Angel of Mercy (B)
Blinking Spirit (C-)
Boggart Arsonist (D-)
Champion’s Drake (E)
Circle of Protection: White (F+)
Conundrum Sphinx (D)
Copperhoof Vorrac (E)
Copy Enchantment (B+)
Crimson Kobolds (E)
Crowd Favorites (E-)
Crowd of Cinders (C)
Deathgrip (F+)
Drowned (C)
Dimir House Guard (D-)
Elvish Piper (C-)
Embersmith (B+)
Foul Familiar (D+)
Foul Imp (C+)


Gang of Elk (D)
Gorilla Pack (E-)
Grixis Slavedriver (B)
Grizzly Bears (D+)
Guardian of the Guildpact (C)
Guerilla Tactics (D-)
Horn of Deafening (D+)
Imperiosaur (D-)
Jerrard of the Closed Fist (E)
Johan (E)
Kaboom! (E)
Lashknife (E)


Malfegor (E)
Manabarbs (E-)
Matca Rioters (B-)
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident (E)
Multani’s Decree (D)
Night Soil (C-)
Plague Rats (E)
Rag Man (E)
Rain of Tears (B-)
Riptide Survivor (C)


Shinen of Stars’ Light (D-)
Skaab Goliath (C-)
Spike Weaver (C-)
Suncrusher (E)
Swarm of Rats (E)
Terrain Generator (E+)
Thelonite Druid (E)
Thieving Magpie (B+)
Timber Wolves (D-)
Tireless Missionaries (E+)
Verduran Enchantress (C-)
Willow Satyr (E)


  1. renappel Says:

    hi, it would be great if you could post the date when cards where added so it’s easier to keep track by date of which you already read, or a checkmark behind them in the list (if thats possible here)

    • There is an easy way: In the right sidebar, you see an option to show posts from a selected category. If you click “Looking at a random card”, it will list them according to their date.

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