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My Wish List for Amonkhet

February 28, 2017

Previews for Modern Masters 2017 have begun, and I couldn’t care… okay, to be honest, I am mildly curious – but that’s about it. It’s just a reprint set, after all! It will be very expensive to draft (maybe except for the very first days, before prices for its singles normalize), and it is unlikely to make any card I want for my Limited Card Pool – which is essentially my brand of casual play – significantly cheaper. Actually, I believe that people are under a misconception: The point of these sets is not to make entry into Modern cheaper, but keeping its cost somehow stable, while hopefully growing its player base.

So, what is really on my mind right now is Amonkhet! There are some things I’d like to see in this set, and I’ll share my wish list with those few readers I still have. (A reminder: Fewer viewers, and fewer comments even more make me less likely to blog.)

1. Wither

Also, -1/-1 counter matter cards which specifically care about those counters (so no proliferate or the like), but I’m happy with wither and cards with -1/-1 counters in general. There’s a plethora of cards that work with a +1/+1 counter theme, but a dearth of the opposite.

I might possible even get this wish, since info on the two planeswalkers from Amonkhet‘s planeswalker decks has been leaked, and the new Liliana seems to have an ability that gives -1/-1 counters. Additionally, wither fits the flavor of a pseudo-Egyptian world ruled by a dark overlord really well.

2. Enchantment matter cards

While Theros wasn’t that long ago, they essentially blew it in regard to its supposed enchantment theme, and especially Black, Red and Blue still need a lot of help to contribute enough for such a theme in a Next Level Cube.

I’m not quite as optimistic here, but I believe there is a chance. With WotC churning out two blocks per year now, it might already be time for another stab at this theme, and enchantments wouldn’t be a bad fit in that world. But then again, they’re not exactly a shoo-in either.

3. Enemy lair lands

Yup, like the ones from Planeshift. They would be a fine addition to the triple lands cycle from Shards of Alara / Khans of Tarkir, if this cycle were complete.

This is most likely wishful thinking, though. While I believe that lairs of powerful beings would fit Amonkhet well, and while MaRo has been talking a lot lately about completing land cycles, those lands are probably not near the top of the list, and even though a minor wedge theme in Amonkhet does not seem outright impossible, it would still come a little early after Khans of Tarkir.


Okay, those are my wishes, but what will we likely get?

1. Wither

Yes, I actually believe wither will be in this set! It’s high time for a -1/-1 counter block, it fits the world’s theme, and I think the spoiled ability that uses those counters is real.

2. Curses

I mean, DUH. Don’t like that sort of card much, though. However, how can you have mummies without curses?

3. Traps

I almost forgot those, but they fit just as perfectly as curses, they were popular in Zendikar, and they were really missed by players when the latter world became an eldrazi battleground instead of an adventure world. I am, again, almost convinced we will get those. My only doubts stem from space considerations – if wither, curses and traps come back, how much room is their left for new mechanics? Oh, and I generally don’t like those, but one or two great single designs might be able to win me over.

4. Gods

This prediction was almost as DUH as that for curses even before they spoiled artwork that really, really looks like it depicts gods. They might even be enchantment creatures again, judging by their look. I think it’s too early, though, to bring back such a specific mechanic as devotion, but if they believe the set overall feels different enough from Theros, this is still a possibility, although probably only for the gods then. But it seems more likely to me that Amonkhet‘s gods will feature a slightly different take. I’ll still hate them anyways.

5. Desert

Almost another DUH, but then again, this card has minor gameplay issues… it’s still very likely in, though. And I don’t really care either way.

6. A minor zombie tribal theme

Mummies are definitely in in a big way, and mummies are zombies in Magic. Also, tribal is a popular theme. I wouldn’t mind a couple extra well-designed zombie tribal cards, but I’m not in a dire need for them either.

7. Overpowered planeswalkers

I know, I’m such a prophet, right? You just need to make sure that people cannot play competitively without a bunch of mythic rares. And we know practically for sure that Nicol Bolas will be in this set, so there’s that.