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Utter End

June 4, 2017

Fool myself once, shame on me; fool myself twice…

Well, enough is enough. The second life of Zeromagic turned out to be a short one. I had not been ready to give up on having a Magic-blog just then, but now I am. It’s simple: I have practically no readers anymore. I also don’t have very much to say anymore (and even if I do, it is not worth the trouble anymore). There is no point in writing such a blog anymore.

If I feel the urge again to blog about anything Magic-related (which is likely, but will probably not happen with high frequency), I will do it on my original blog, which is now the last one standing: Ein Platz für Andi. (And I will do it in German.)

So I am saying farewell to those few who are going to read these lines, and encourage you to bookmark Ein Platz für Andi, which will now become the place for any and all of my blogging activities. If you have anything to say to me, please do it there – or, if you prefer, on Twitter. Zeromagic will (once again) continue to exist in archived form.

Ein Platz für Andi